SEO for dummies: read it before start your blog

I want to share my experience about blog and search engine optimization (SEO). There are some concepts to understand before starting a blog because they can impact seriously the architecture of your website. If you have to think about SEO after your blog is already published with many contents, the optimizations required could force you to change the content and the URL of your pages. So you should have some knowledge as soon as possible.

I won’t give some deep details or technical stuff because SEO is a real job which need some theory and a lot of experiences. You will find below the concepts you should know. Continue reading

Get new TV shows episodes with subtitles in Plex automatically

If you watch a lot of TV shows like me, I’m sure you will appreciate this tutorial explaining how to automate all the process to have your new episodes with subtitles just after the release. I use tools like TVShows 2, Transmission, eventually Soleol and Plex of course !

Without automation, the process is long and uninteresting: search the episodes release date on the US TV, search the episodes files on the internet, check the associated comments to check quality and fake, search the subtitles in French and English languages, fetch all this stuff, move and rename files in the dedicated folder and finally launch a “refresh” of the media center. Only after that I can lie on the couch to enjoy my new episode.

So I’ve used my brain, searched on internet, and tested some solutions to succeed in automating all the process. Continue reading

Multisite Language Switcher Theme

I’ve already speak in a previous post about the WordPress theme I’ve created to redirect visitors browsing “” to the french or english section depending on the preferred language of the browser.

This theme is a quick and dirty hack for my bilingual blog and I think it can be helpful for other people like me who trying to make a multilingual WordPress website. So I’ve decided to share my code on Githhub and encourage you to test it and improve it. The code is commented and section you have to update are clearly identified. Continue reading

How to set a bilingual or multilingual WordPress multisite blog

First post of the new to share how I’ve setup WordPress to make a bilingual  blog using the multisite feature. This can be easily extaneded for multilingual blogs.

I need two independent sites to facilitate the plugins and theme localization with an easy way to switch between languages if a translation is available. Another reason is to optimize the search engine indexing. With this solution I can have some language specific posts without translation.

Below I explain how I’ve implement that with WordPress:  Continue reading reboot

Dear readers,

For regular visitors or those who have follow a link to come here: I’ve decide to delete the blog and start from scratch another version of because of the following reasons:

  • The blog wasn’t update since a long time.
  • The content mainly about Plex and multilingual WordPress was deprecated.
  • The former architecture of the blog was really difficult to maintain.

In few weeks, I will publish new contents about my predilection subjects (Plex and WordPress) and new ones to be discovered. The blog is still bilingual and my aims are still the same.

If you have ideas or comments to share, do it in the comments of this post.